We control your media exposure, preserving your reputation - and legacy. A tailor-made service, with confidentiality and total discretion assured.


Our services are highly bespoke and tailored to the individual. But we focus on ensuring that the media only sees what you want them to see; preserving your privacy and protecting your interests.

Operating globally and around the clock, we have media and business contacts in every territory. With our flexibility, intuition and agility ensuring that our clients are always protected.

Protecting reputations

A sound reputation allows our clients to operate without undue outside interest. It frees them to work, and live, unhindered, away from the spotlight. We carefully develop and protect our clients’ reputations worldwide, preparing for every contingency, upholding their privacy, preventing attacks, handling misinformation, and ensuring they are always seen in a positive light.

Handling the media

Dealing with a curious or intrusive media can be a daunting and exhausting task. Like an iceberg, there are elements we might wish them to see. But others must remain private. We act as a gatekeeper, removing the need for our clients, or their office, to deal directly with the media. We build relationships with high-quality publications on their behalf and exercise direct control over what’s printed or broadcast about them.

Acting as a sounding board

Wealth or prominence brings its own unique pressures and being able to bounce ideas off loyal, senior people you trust is vital. We act as confidential experts, providing our clients and their team with an experienced personal sounding board; listening, advising and offering a new perspective.

Problem solving for clients’ business interests

It’s not always sensible, practical or realistic to hire a PR firm to solve ad hoc company communications and performance-related issues. Acting on our clients’ behalf, at one-step removed from the business, we can identify and deal with issues that might be holding companies back, restricting growth and reducing profits.

Crisis response and management

If the worst happens and media attention turns to a prominent individual or their financial affairs, the impact can be swift and devastating. To protect our clients’ reputation worldwide, we work to identify and carefully prepare for any potential issues, offering 24/7, personal support in the event of any crisis situation.

Carefully raising personal profiles

Prominent individuals should only ever be known for their philanthropic work and for their business achievements. The tip of the iceberg is the only part that should ever show. However, if an individual wishes to raise their public profile we have the contacts and experience to ensure appropriate media coverage. We steer the agenda and ensure our clients connect with senior global media players who understand your philosophy and culture, and value their insights and experience.

About us

Our practice operates internationally and we only work with individuals on a bespoke, one-to-one basis. We troubleshoot communications issues surrounding their global business interests; act as counsellor and advise on philanthropy; carefully manage their profile in the media, ensuring they can operate without undue attention and make sure the companies they invest in are maximising their PR value.

Unique communications challenges require careful handling by professionals who understand the philosophy, values and culture of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, prominent people and global families. We work to ensure their business interests, investments and personal privacy are protected against the focus of the media.

We are a small, tight-knit practice of highly experienced professionals drawn from a range of political and business backgrounds. We provide a discreet, highly professional international service that counsels on their communications, handles their media and maintains their reputation without interrupting their business or personal interests.

Our client list is confidential and guarding our clients’ privacy is a vital part of our service.

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